Food Antimicrobials

Food Antimicrobials

xtendra bake magic

Everything you do in bakery is to serve your passionate baked recipe as fresh and delicious from the oven to the store. We, at CFS, can add value to an artisans’/baker’s creation for your business needs to succeed.

Xtendra Bake Magic provides the optimum performance of the most desired antimicrobial effect expected in cakes and muffins, without altering the flavour profile. This unique blend of antimicrobial agents extends the freshness and retains quality of cakes and muffins.

  • Excellent solubility and desired dispersion in water and milk
  • Best antimicrobial performance in cakes and muffins
  • Effective at low concentration
  • Flavour profile remains unchanged
  • Longer freshness and better keeping quality
  • Increased shelf life

  • xtendra bake magic

    xtendra mithai magic

    xtendra bake magic xtendra sweets magic

    The rich tradition of mithai-making or ethnic sweets has earned you love, fame and respect from the mithai lovers. We understand that keeping up the tradition is a responsible task. Mithai Magic, an antimicrobial magical blend made up of active ingredients to control microbes, prevent mold growth and spoilage of the sweets. And all these without getting in the way of your secret magical recipe.

    Xtendra Mithai Magic has been designed by our food technologists along with the help of microbiologists to keep up the rich tradition and trust gained over the years.

  • Keeps the mithai (ethnic sweets) fresh for longer
  • Keeps the taste intact
  • Safe for consumption
  • Mithai Magic has amazing solubility and stability that allows to blend easily with your mithai

  • xtendra bread magic

    Bread is one of the most convenient and staple foods we have in today's time. What's less visible is the bread that's wasted before even a consumer buys it. Retailers dispose off loaves that have past their sell-by-date, even though they are usually perfectly edible. Increasing shelf life of bread by even a day can prolong microbial spoilage and increase profitability for bread makers.

    Baker's Bread is an effective water-soluble antimicrobial solution that enhances bread's keeping quality thereby reducing wastage from various food chains, retailers and at consumer's end too.

  • A water soluble antimicrobial system makes easier for application and automation
  • Non-corrosive, environment friendly liquid preservative system
  • Delivers optimum pH 5 to 5.5, ideal for increased preservative efficacy and dough development
  • Replaces addition of multiple traditional preservatives with a single product
  • Meets all food regulatory requirements
  • Provides microbial safety by retaining keeping quality of bread
  • Increases profitability for the producers by reducing returns from discarded finished product

  • bakers bread


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