Food Antioxidants

The CFS range of food antioxidant formulas in both liquid & dry solutions, brings you an ease in application through uniform product distribution and an enhanced efficacy, even at low concentrations. Our innovative formulations and tailor-made solutions have been developed with the objective of giving you, our customer, greater control over your product basket.

Our Xtendra range of traditional antioxidant solutions combine ingredients that have been long proven to protect the oxidative stability of your final product. We ensure that these blends of BHA, TBHQ, Ascorbyl Palmitate [ASP] & other traditional antioxidants remain effective even in low concentrations and do not contribute any colour, odour or flavour to your food.

Our Nasure plant-based antioxidant products offer you a natural alternative in shelf life extensions. Rosemary extract, Green Tea and Mixed Tocopherols are just some of the natural ingredients we use to encourage high antioxidant activity and to ensure that your food stays fresher for longer.


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