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CFS helps improve the health and performance of animals through the development, manufacturing and marketing of a pioneering range of feeds for the animal nutrition industry. Our team of specialists deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs supported by nutritional input and market information. The partnership of Dresen with Camlin Fine Sciences offers a totally integrated platform that assures expertise, technical support, product stability, supply, quality and transparency. To continue providing value and control to its customers, CFS stays at the cutting edge of innovation.


Poultry feed and feed ingredients are prone to fungal contamination which produce potentially dangerous metabolites called ‘ mycotoxins' in field and farming and storage 'conditions'. These mycotoxins in poultry feed increases susceptibility of body tissues for lipid peroxidation leading to enhanced free radical formation and “oxidative stress” on bird. Cumulatively, immunosuppressive, toxic and oxidative effects of various mycotoxins is potential challenge for any type of bird to offer optimum productivity. The highly resistant nature of mycotoxins makes this challenge impossible to handle without the Mycotoxin binder in poultry feed which could limit the losses to a sustainable extent.

Benefits with TOPSIL:

  • Comprehensive binding of major mycotoxins in poultry feed
  • Improves conversion efficiency parameters like feed, conversion ratio, weight gain in broilers
  • Improves egg production
  • Improves egg shell quality
  • Improves immune status in layer birds
  • Improves fertility, hatchability and chick quality in breeder birds
  • Reduces immunosuppression, disease outbreaks and mortality
  • Improves health by enhancing vaccination response
  • Supports bio-transformation of mycotoxins in liver


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Restricting Antibiotic usage in poultry production for food safety makes it obvious & mandatory to use organic acids in poultry feed for microbial control & profitable farming. Whereas balancing nutrition-economics will remain a bigger challenge for efficient poultry producer. Formaldehyde as a synergist to organic acids for controlling feed born infections in birds is easily applicable & proven solution for the poultry producer in today’s farming & market conditions.

Benefits with Sal Plus Ultra P50:

  • Potent unique acidifier ensuring feed sanitation and gut acidification
  • Offers complete microbial protection of poultry feed and feed ingredients
  • Safe for chicken, micronutrients and feedmill as well
  • Optimises nutrient uptake from intestine
  • Ensures liveability of the birds
  • Reduces incidences of bacterial origin enteritis


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Aflatoxin is highly toxic and carcinogenic fungal metabolite produced by Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus parasiticus and other Aspergillus spp. In poultry, it mainly affects liver and alters the functioning of immune system, digestive system and haemopiotic system as well.

Benefits with MYCOSIL:

  • Improves digestability and weight gain
  • Optimises feed efficiency
  • Arrests immunosuppression and improves disease resistance
  • Reduced antibiotic usage
  • Improves shell quality
  • Reduces diarrhoea of mycotoxin origin
  • Improves pigmentation
  • Assures optimum ovulation, fertility and hatchability
  • Smoothens intestinal mucosa
  • Assures conversion efficiency


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Preserving critical nutrition by preventing nutrient loss in feed is important for the optimum performance of the birs. Vitamins, minerals, oils, fats and pigments are sensitive high value nutrients which needs reliable protection against oxidative losses due to exposure to moisture, light, air and temperature. These losses are invisible to feed manufacturers and will have significant effect on conversion efficiency in livestock.

Our traditional feed antioxidants, both liquid and dry, find application as a preservative in the animal nutrition industry. They prevent the oxidation of vitamins, fats and other essential nutrients in the feed and thereby extend the shelf-life of final products and ensure its quality & safety.

Either individually or in blends, CFS offers Ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT and Propyl Gallate for the Swine, Poultry, Cattle, Goats, Sheep and Aquaculture markets.



Benefits with Xtendra blends

  • Offers optimum protection to the feed and premixes
  • Preserves freshness, flavour and colour of feed for optimum palatability
  • Retain quality of micronutrients in feed
  • Provides stability to the feed nutrients in suboptimal storage conditions
  • Enhances productivity of the birds by preserving feed quality

Gut health is directly related with conversion efficiency in poultry farm economics. Butyrates are well accepted as energy source for villi and as gut imunity inducer in poultry nutrition. Sodium butyrate not only helps in maintaining low pathogenic load but also enhances the local immunity for better absorption and feed conversion.

Benefits with Poliacid R60:

- Helps improve villi growth and increases size of “enterocytes” for better nutrient absorption

- Ready consumable source of energy for epithelial cells of digestive tract

  • Increases retention time of feed
  • Regulates gut motility
  • Improves gut microflora and gut integrity
  • Improves gut defense mechanism against infectious enteritis
  • Reduces acute inflammatory response
  • Improves shell quality, productivity and liveability in layer flocks
  • Helps control ammonia emission in poultry houses
  • Improves efficiency parameters like feed conversion, weight gain etc.


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High producing animals, growing heifers and ailing animals encounters negative energy balance either due to limited dry matter intake or because of offering them compromised diet, nutrition. The principle challenge in dairy farming is to organize and regulate high demand of glucose during all stages of production through diet and balancing the ruminal health of the animals to maintain productivity and health together.

Benefits with Enersupra:

Lactating animals:

  • Prevents lipolysis and enhances milk production
  • Overcomes negative energy balance and improves dam as well as calf health.
  • Prevents stress, diseases and parturition related disorders
  • Improves reproductive performance, uterine muscle tonicity for optimum intercalving period
  • Helps preventing and treating ketosis

Growing animals:

  • Improves health and weight gain
  • Helps proper onset of sexual maturity with optimum body weight
  • Improves disease resistance

Ailing animals:

  • Ensures faster recovery
  • Enhances disease resistance
  • Improves feed consumption
  • Helps overcome negative energy balance


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