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Amidst the growing concern about global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions, biofuels have been regaining their popularity. Biofuels are similar to fossil fuels, except that they're made from present-day plants referred to as biomass. The two most common types of biofuels used today are ethanol and biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a renewable alternative fuel for diesel engines. It is made by combining alcohol (usually methanol) with vegetable oils or animal fat. However, it is highly perishable and starts to oxidise soon after it has been produced. It reacts with atmospheric oxygen to produce various acids or polymers, which if found in high enough concentration, can cause fuel system corrosion and deposits. Such effects in turn can lead to filter clogging and fuel system malfunctions. This is why antioxidants play a crucial role here.

Safer antioxidant solutions help improve biodiesel stability and protects the engine. Xtendra antioxidant solutions are low viscous fluids, stable formulation at low temperatures designed to give high performance and improves biodiesel stability at different concentrations in different raw materials. These highly effective biodiesel antioxidants can also facilitate ease of handing and dosage.


Xtendra BL 100 logo
Xtendra BL 200 logo

  • Formulated specifically with a non flammable and low toxicity solvent system
  • Contains metal deactivators, one of the most effective biodiesel antioxidants
  • 'No Harm Test' certification and Relative Efficiency – AGQM (Germany)
  • Successfully approved and registered under 40 CFR 79.23 Environmental-Protection-Agency-logo
  • Facilities certified with ISO9001 and FSSC 22000


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