camlin fine sciences

Innovations & Applications


For over 30 years, we have earned the confidence of our customers by creating customer specific solutions backed by sound technical assistance.

In our R&D laboratory, we work in close tandem with our customers to improve and optimize the use of our products for enhancing the shelf life of food for livestock and human consumption.

n the quality control laboratory, we have the instrumentations, analytical methods and trained staff, which allows us to evaluate our raw materials, work-in-process and finished products to meet the specifications that gains customer’s satisfaction. We comply with quality standards and regulatory for application and safe use.

Our laboratory adds value to our customers though 4 core functions:

  • Product development of shelf life and livestock, pet food and animal feed solutions
  • Oxidative stability testing of oils / fats / lipids / food samples with the latest instruments
  • Residue analysis of mold inhibitors, and/or bactericides, organic acids determinations on products
  • Development of food applications and evaluations for providing technical support to customers in terms of dosage, method of use, processing benefits, testing know-how and evaluation of shelf life solutions

The laboratory is equipped with high-tech equipments for a wide variety of analysis, focused on providing solutions and support to our customers.CFS Dresen received ISO 9001: 2015 certification of Quality, with the introduction of adopting risk-based approach in Quality Management Systems.

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