camlin fine sciences

Our Journey

From an ink and colour company, we have transitioned to a fine sciences firm retaining our original culture of innovativeness, our keenness for technology development and our passion for integrating the value chain both upstream and downstream.

Here are some great moments in the Camlin Fine Sciences journey:

Humble Beginnings

Starting operations in Mumbai, India, Camlin first began with ink powders and tablets. Combining the words in its earlier name 'Camel Ink', the fledgling enterprise soon re-named itself to 'Camlin'.


Expanding the Range

Camlin also began offering a whole range of other art material and stationery products including chalks, rubber stamp pads, gums & adhesives, wood pencils and other professional & student products including drawing colours and geometry boxes.

Camlin now becomes a trusted household name in India.


Wanting to do More

With a view to diversify into fine chemicals, Camlin set-up a new ultramodern plant at Tarapur, India, to manufacture antioxidants for the global market. The Camlin Fine Chemical & Pharmaceutical Division was born.


Wanting to do it Better

To bring greater focus to its' birth purpose, this new division was demerged from the parent company and an entirely new entity formed called 'Camlin Fine Sciences Ltd.'


Being Listed

Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) gets listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).


Overseas Expansion

Our first overseas step was the acquisition of Borregaard Italia SpA, a Hydroquinone and Catechol manufacturing facility at Ravenna, Italy through its wholly-owned subsidiary in Mauritius.

Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) gets listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).


Sharpening Customer Focus

Our Brazil operations began through our 100% subsidiary company CFS do Brasil Ltda where we commenced our production of antioxidant blends for food applications.


Latest Endeavour

Entered into a Share Purchase Agreement to acquire 51 % stake in Ningbo Wanglong Flavors and Fragrances Company Limited.

Our recent enterprises include the launch of CFS North America, LLC and CFS Antioxidantes De Mexico, S.A de C.V.

Acquired 65 % stake in Dresen Quimica C.V., Mexico along with its group companies and subsidiaries.


In July 2017, with acquisition of 51% stake in Ningbo Wanglong Flavors & Fragrances Company Ltd., China, CFS became the 3rd largest producer of Vanillin in the world.

In Nov 2017, entered into a preferred supply agreement with Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage for manufacturing and supply of a specialty chemical.


In April 2018, CFS has entered into an Animal Nutrition joint venture venture with Pahang Pharma (S) Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

CFS and Pahang Pharma have agreed to form a a holding company, CFS Pahang for its subsidiary(ies).