Pet Food

Pet foods and their ingredients by their very nature are perishable and prone to oxidation. Storing them on the shelf for an extended period of time, has negative effects on their flavour, aroma, texture and nutrients. All food is a sum of its parts and topically added fats contribute significantly to the nourishing capability of modern pet foods.

During the course of oxidation, fat is relatively stable for a while. Then as antioxidants are depleted, the free-radical production overwhelms the intrinsic antioxidant capacity of the product and the pet food flavour as well as its aroma are negatively impacted.

CFS offers you a complete line of traditional and natural shelf life solutions to meet your application needs and to help you protect your finished products from oxidation.

We deliver high-quality innovative antioxidants with tailor-made solutions that enable you to retain control over your shelf life extension requirements.

Either separately or in combination, BHA, BHT and propyl gallate are effective in low concentrations to stabilize fats, protein meals and finished products that are highly susceptible to oxidation.

Xtendra traditional shelf life solutions utilize ingredients that have been long proven to protect the oxidative stability of your pet food product from the raw material stage right until the finished product.

Surveys indicate an overwhelming preference for natural ingredients.

The newer challenge to stabilizing fats and oils and final pet food products is the request for natural preservatives.

Animal and fish based fats and oils can be effectively stabilized with natural antioxidant systems; however, it is much more costly and requires more attention to the details.

Most natural antioxidant systems are built on a backbone of mixed tocopherols carried in a vegetable oil with added chelators and emulsifiers. Proper dilution, effective carriers and uniform dispersion are vital to successful use of these compounds.

NaSure plant based shelf life solutions are the natural option when an extended shelf life is needed. Rosemary extract and mixed tocopherols are just some of the natural ingredients used in our formulas that are high in antioxidant activity and very effective.

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