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For more than three decades, products with formaldehyde were used as the main ingredient to control enterobacteria in foods and ingredients. Recently, due to changing market needs, alternatives that are safer and effective in protecting ingredients of animal origin, such as fish are sought to minimize risks to the consumer and to avoid its effect on food chain.

Therefore, use of organic acids such as bactericides are friendlier to the consumer and to the environment, primarily for eliminating the risk of Salmonella or E-coli.

SAL PLUS ULTRA range controls pathogenic bacteria with maximum efficiency and economical dose for each of its customers.


Has proven effectiveness against bacteria and fungi.

With 100% active ingredients that are FDA approved for use in the treatment of animal meal.

It has a residual effect on meals helping prevent recontamination, due to external factors.

They can be used in all animal species, including aqua culture and pet food.

To cover and suit your needs, the liquid extension is ideal for the treatment of byproduct meals and powder for feed.


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