Proven shelf life solutions

Shelf Life Solutions

Lipid oxidation significantly impacts the flavour, odour and colour of your food. There are many factors which contribute to such an occurrence including the presence of oxygen, improper fatty acid composition and a variety of unsuitable processing, packing & storing conditions.

The addition of an antioxidant stops the chain reaction of oxidation from happening and engages the attention of attacking oxygen molecules through a process called 'scavenging free radicals'. So an antioxidant added to your food, does actually makes it taste better for longer.

Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) has global expertise in the antioxidant industry and has been a trusted name for over 25 years. Today, we are a leading integrated manufacturer of TBHQ and BHA.

Our energetic team, proficient in technical and market expertise further leverages CFS' Vertically Integrated Platform to give you complete traceability and transparency in the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product.

Our blends of food antioxidants help us retain the goodness in your food by extending its shelf life, thus creating more memorable food moments in the lives of your customers.


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