camlin fs sciences

Technical Support

The Camlin Innovation Centre in Mumbai is equipped with state of the art analytical, developmental & application equipment. Our application labs in the US, Brazil and Mexico further customise our technical services to the specific requirement of each our customers in each of these regions.

Our expertise in the manufacture of diphenol-downstream products including TBHQ and BHA works to our clients advantage. The efforts put in by our Innovations & Applications team over the years have resulted in high-quality product standards and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

Our range of inventive shelf-life solutions ingredients however, have not just been created by us independently...rather in collaboration with our customers, whose high confidence in our ability has elevated us to surpass even our own expectations.

    The CFS Technical Capabilities include:
  • Product design, development and customization.
  • Quantitative analysis of active antioxidant ingredients.
  • Shelf-life studies to give insight into oxidative stability.
  • Analysis to recommend the appropriate application dosage and methods.

    Performance Testing:
  • Primary oxidative by-products – Peroxide evaluation, Acidity.
  • Secondary oxidative by-products – Anisidine, TBARS.
  • Induction period for various oils/fats – OSI / Rancimat.
  • Shelf-life evaluation of oils/fats/food products – Oxipres / Checkmate.
  • Stability Study data of oils/fats/food products – Checkmate.

CFS holds a patent for process technology
of BHA.

Application Studies

To set-up an Application Study for your product or to learn more about our extensive application-research library in the Food, Pet food and Animal Feed sectors, Contact us here.