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Animal feed ingredients such as fats from animal origin, vitamins and pigments are highly susceptible to oxidation. Many other factors can also affect these nutrients during manufacturing process and storage such as light, temperature, oxygen and bivalent metals. It is important to protect it from oxidation as these not only affects the feed formulation and storage but can also affect the aimals consuming it.

Xtendra ETQ (Ethoxyquin) is an anime nased antioxidant that has shown high performance in protecting animal feed ingredients and the nutrients such as vitamin premix against oxidation. It can protect these ingredients right from manufacturing to storage, so that it is fit for consumption.

These advantages make an impact directly on cost production, production yield and in some cases on animal health.


Xtendra ETQ application can bring the following advantages:

Maintains the nutritional balance.

Avoids a rancid taste resulting from the oxidation process.

Reduces degradation of natural pigment.


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